It's not What you say...
It's how you say it.
Poor communication can have devastating effects. 

 Learn how to avoid the mistakes that can destroy your company, investor confidence and your career. 

The highly-rated 10e Communications Workshop is perfect for anyone looking to improve their ability to communicate successfully when it matters most. 

Attendees will get first-hand experience on how to convey important messages in regular settings and under pressure using the three critical elements of communication.

Created and led by Emmy-Award winning communications specialist Kendall Tenney, the interactive, four-hour course for only six attendees, allows each participatant to practice and review vital skills that will lead to more success when it comes to interaction with the media, the public or colleagues.

Tenney (10e) also offers specialized training sessions for corporations, colleges and inviduals that have proven to be extremely valuable for companies and executives, both national and international. This particular workshop provides some of the same elements at a tremendous value.
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March 21st, 2019
9:00 am - 1:00 pm
“In the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes.”
-Andy Warhol
We’ve sped past Andy Warhol’s vision of the future into a world where everyone gets less than 15 seconds of fame. 

People are busy and enveloped by media. Getting their attention is more difficult than ever, so when you finally get those fleeting moments of their time, it’s critical that you be on message. 

This is why we created our media training programs.
The key to effective media interaction is preparation.

Elite athletes constantly train to improve their game and prepare for the big moments that will define their careers.

They practice the same things over and over again to be ready for those key plays, never knowing exactly when they’ll come. 

Similarly, everyone who wants their brand to succeed should practice and prepare for their media moment.
The media and communication training seminars will sharpen your skills whether you’re getting ready for a network interview, a corporate video or any kind of public presentation. 

Our media training Vegas team will help you to better understand what reporters are looking for in interviews and our intense on-camera repetitions will prepare you for the tough questions so you can elevate your message every time.
Workshop attendees will receive the following:
  •  Hands-on instruction regarding critical elements of successful communication ($1200 value)
  •  Individually-tailored mock interviews and practice sessions ($2400 value)
  •  Video of on-camera interviews along with a written review of the individual's strengths and weaknesses ($1200 value)
  •  1/2 hour Skype consultation with Kendall Tenney ($600 value)
Total Value: $5400
Actual Price: $1150

Seating is limited and on a first come, first served basis. 
Meet the Head Coach

Kendall Tenney

Kendall Tenney has drawn on his two decades of experience as an Emmy-Award winning journalist to become a thought leader in the realm of crisis communications and media training. 10e Media clients include Fortune companies, colleges, political leaders and non-profits.

Tenney launched his eponymous firm (10e Media) in 2010 and has since assembled an experienced team of former journalists and public relations experts to offer a range of services with an emphasis on core message development and communication.

As anchor of Southern Nevada’s number one newscast for nearly 15 years, Tenney received multiple Emmy’s, Murrow’s and other national awards. He was frequently named Las Vegas’ favorite news personality. 

Tenney served on the Make-A-Wish Board of Directors for 12 years, including four as Chair. He currently serves on the Executive Board of Directors for the Public Education Foundation of Nevada and is also on the board for Win-Win.

With an affable communication style which the Las Vegas Review Journal labeled as “cheerful gravitas”, Tenney speaks at conferences and conducts seminars across the country. He also hosts Las Vegas Now, a daily lifestyle-show on Las Vegas’ CBS affiliate.
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